Apportech presentation


Apportech Industries who existed in the form of association law 1901 since 2006 was transformed into company.

It has for objective to answer globally and to offer the performances and the skills of these 5 companies associated with multiple interlocutors in domains highly varied such as the aeronautics, the defense, the offshore, the medical, the water sport,  the food-processing industry, the environment, the tourism / leisure activities, the automobile, the architecture, the agricultural...

With a collective workforce of more than 160 employees and € 20 million in turnover, Apportech Industries successfully market their products and services in France as well as overseas with over 25% in exports (Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Canada, the United States).


IDRAN NOVACCO - Soudan (44)

Sheet metal work and robotic welding specialists working principally with the naval, food and water treatment industries.

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FOXDESIGN - Nantes (44)

Design agency specialising in industrial and medical products and working environments. We help take products from concept to prototype to final production.

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ETS GLÉMAUD - Saint-Vincent-des-Landes (44)

Carpentry and joinery experts from design to installation of interior and exterior spaces for retail, commercial and service sectors, from hotels to shops to retirement homes as well as for private use.

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Méca Atlantique - Noyal sur Brutz (44)

Precision machining specialists for large components working principally in the aviation, rail, defence, offshore and automobile industries

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Team Plastique - Châteaubriant (44)

Custom plastic part manufacturers specialising in thermoforming, vacuum forming, machining and assembly for the aviation, medical, leisure transport, nautical and material handling sectors.

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Apportech : fabricant de structure flottante, spécialisée dans la construction flottante en bois modulable, comme par exemple une maison, un ponton, une capitainerie ou une terrasse flottante.